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Established 1989 M.G.M. is situated in the industrial zone of Hermalle s/Huy in the heart of the steelmaking industry of Liège

The optimal road and railway infrastructure together with the port site on the river Meuse (draught 2.80m/2.300 metric Tonnes) allows effective and attractive services for all customers wishing to outsource their logistic activities.

M.G.M.’s equipment assures the receipt, the storage, as well as the consecutive forwarding of all steel products, mainly coils and sheets.

The installations can treat other products in big-bags and/or on wooden skids as well.

The site is composed of:  

Administrative buildings (staff room at the disposal of the customers if required)

Indoor warehousing facilities of approx. 12.000m² , heated and under permanent hygrometric control, enable safe storage of up to 60.000 metric Tons of steel coils and other products

Hall equipped with special designed storage racks for skids up to 1.500 Kgs

External storage area of approx. 10.000 metric Tons designed for products which can stand humidity

6 cranes with capacities from 20 up to 40 metric Tons

A railway connection allowing 24 railway wagons (approx 1.500 metric Tons) to be handled simultaneously.

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